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ZEN Photovoltaic Products

State-of-the-art quality.

A ZEN Renewables PV installation contain PV panels (or modules), a invertor and mounting equipment (adapted to the state of the roof: declining, flat,..etc)


ZEN Renewables provide PV modules of the highest quality with a output warranty of 25 years (20% tolerance). Polycristaline modules with endurable frame reach up to 200 Watt peak power.


The invertor, Fronius, is a european top-product and can be delivered adepated to the needed voltage. (600 wp - 10.000 Wp)

Three different mounting systems are available:

> SunTop III: for declining rooftops
> Solar simplex: in case of flat roof installations
> Solar Famulus: in case of flat roofinstallations


Roof integrated PV system (PDF 675.1Kb)
ZEN Power PV soalr panels (PDF 318.5Kb)

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