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Solar Water Heating

Solar energy, as the mother of most renewable energies on earth, is the most reliable source of heat and light that we sometimes take for granted. The constant sun radiation provides us in Ireland and the UK with a saving of 100 litres of oil per sq. Metre of Solar Panel per year. As a matter of fact, this is more than in Paris.

Modern and proven technology is ready to bring these benefits to your house and family. You can invest in an altogether more efficient water heating system that will last in excess of 20 years. Not only will it express your personal contribution to an improved environment, a solar water heater will also increase the value of your property. ZEN-Renewables makes you enjoy the comfort of plenty of hot water at a very low cost. It will replace increasingly expensive fossil fuels with free energy from the sun.

Active Solar Heating is one of the primary ways for buildings to use solar energy. This technology uses solar collectors (panels) to transform sunlight into heat to provide water heating. Solar water heating is the most common application of active solar thermal in Europe. A correctly sized solar water heating system can cover 50-60% of your hot water heating requirement with free solar energy.

Benefits of ZEN Technology:

> Energy savings up to 60 % of your current need of fossil fuels
> It can be integrated to your existing heating system
> Easy to upgrade
> Free of maintenance by using endurable components and the drain back principle

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