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Western European climate

The drain-back principle was introduced to simplify the protection of the solar system against overheating of the storage tank and freezing of the collector (panel). The system and the installation technique (acclimation and orientation) is developed by ZEN due to the Western European climate. Closed Drain-back systems increase system durability, safety and reliability. The collector (panel) simply drains whenever the temperature in the collector (panel) falls below the temperature in the storage tank. In this way it prevents a reverse heat flow (and losses) and the collector to freeze. To prevent overheating the collector (panel) also drains if the temperature in the storage tank exceeds 75°C. In case of a power failure the collector (panel) will automatically drain and the system will remain in a safe situation until the power is restored.

No Chemicals in the ZEN drain back system.

In other systems chemicals such as anti-freeze are added to the primary solar collectors (panels). This can cause corrosion and in the event of a leakage it can be harmful to your domestic water supply. The ZEN system is filled with water only, due to the operation of the drain back system.

No maintenance. The system demands no frequent maintenance program. This reduces the cost.

Life expectancy. Because the drain back system is sealed, this prevents the intake of oxygen which in turn extends the life span of the system

No pollution. No risk of polluting sanitary water due to the absence of any chemicals anywhere in the system

Various applications. ZEN drain back system can be applied to small or large domestic hot water systems, industrial processes, swimming pool heating and agriculture, etc.

Highest efficiency. ZEN Thermic collector as well as the SDB storage tank and its insulation generates high efficiency. The roof integration of the Thermic collector (solar panel) leads to lower thermal losses.

Easy to install. ZEN SDB storage tanks are supplied with pump, controller, and connection to integrate with your new or existing standard heating system. This saves timeand can be installed on any roof type.

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